H4 dependent visa stamping.


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Hello all this is my situation, I might need some advise on how to move forward.


I on H1B from 2013, I had visa until August 2016. Recently I got married and I am planning to bring my wife under H4 dependent Visa. I am confused about how to file H4 visa, Do I need to file for my extension and after that bring her or get her with my current H1B petition.


If I file for extension & everything goes well. I am assuming that, she will get the visa until my H1B extension period. And she can come to US at any time after her stamping.


If she goes for stamping with current H1B, she will get visa until August. Question is Do I need to apply for her H4 extension or it will get extended once my extension is approved ? 



What will be the better decision ?


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