Urgent!! Can I travel to India when amendment is in process


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I've come to US from India in November on H1B, got my visa stamped till Dec 2016.

My employer has filed for amendment and its under process.

I have some personal emergency and I would like to travel to India, is it a good idea to travel now or will i face any problem(s) ??


Kindly respond as its a bit urgent and i need to make my travel arrangement.





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You can travel during amendment is pending. No issue.

I have traveled my self.  

Hi Adshah84,


I am in a similar situation, I work as a consultant, moved to a different state (Cali) in Jan 2016, I have stamping until Sep 2017 on my passport. I have my approved LCA for the State of Cali (new role), my recent pay stubs reflect California Payroll. 


My employer said he has filed for my H1B amendment and waiting for approval. I am travelling to India next month for two weeks. My POE will be California. What are the possible documents that the CBP officer would ask me, Please help. Can they deport me for not showing them H1B amendment approval notice? 


Will USCIS issue a receipt when the attorney files for H1B Amendment, because my employer did not send me one. Please let me know. Thanks.

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