Marriage Certificate for non India citizens.


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Hello, I have a question about obtaining marriage certificate authentication.

I'm not sure how it works. My situation is a little complicated.

In January I got married in Vrindavan at the Krishna Mandir. The ceremony was performed by local Pandiji. I'm USA citizen and my wife is Ukrainian citizen she is living and studying in India for around a year now. We have only notary certification from the priest who performed the ceremony. Now I'm applying for my spouse visa. How I can legalize this document for the USA embassy?

I'm in USA but my wife is still in India. Is it possible to do it without me going to India?



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it appears that you did not follow the proper procedures per the "special marriages act of India" which is time consuming..may be too late now to fix it a days they are taking these registrations little seriously in can try the other "not recommended" procedures to get the marriage certificate now..


the other thing is, when it comes to US consulate, marriage certificate is not the only mandatory document to prove the legality of marriage..not knowing the other details, it is up to you to come up with substantial secondary evidence to prove your marriage and the good faith behind it....especially in  your case, given the vast different backgrounds..

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