H1B application after 6years of L1 Visa status


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Hello Everyone,


I have a situation where i wanted to know whether i can apply for a H1 B visa after completing L1 visa for 6 years. I am currently on H4(Dependent Visa) and DID NOT stay outside of country for one year. Wanted to know the options that i have in applying a H1B visa now. 
IS it mandatory to be outside of country(USA) for a year after L1 Visa completion in order to apply for a new H1B? 
Please do let me know if anyone else had faced this situation anytime.




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On L1B, you can only work for 5 years. So, where does your "6 years" come from?

If you were on L1 for 5 years, you can get an H1 for 1 year for the maximum combined 6 years of L1 and H1.

For the clock to reset, you absolutely have to be outside the US for at least a year before a new L1 or H1 under the quota can be FILED.

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