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Hi All,


I am applying for h1 extension this month but my client refused to provide me any client letter. Its not in their policy. (I don't understand why even though its mentioned in client letter that this is not a sponsorship letter)..So I have all other required documents for h1 extension /renewal except client letter. Also my vendor provided letter mentioning my project details, responsibilities , client location etc. with  all required information and we didn't mention any PROJECT END DATE in vendor letter. Its just mentioned as "EXTENSION WILL BE REQUIED IF NECESSARY".

So just want to know based on above information


1) what are my chances not getting any RFE requesting client letter.?


2) what are the chances of getting approval for another 3 years based on vendor letter?


3) Does USCIS always get back to Manager of client to cross verify if I am really working at client location?


Thanks in advance.


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1) chance is always thr,  but Vendor + Employer can show thr contracts (SOW, MSA) as supporting documents.


2) no one can say for sure.


3) no at this stage, this happens when you go for stamping and thry give you white slip.

thanks...what is SOW, MSA?

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