H4 to F1 : Direct Stamping.


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Hello Experts,


I'm pretty new to this forum. My wife is now doing her MS on her H4 visa. She is planning to change her Visa to F1 while going to India in this summer. But as I have changed my employer intermittently, she need to do her stamping for H4 too.


We have already booked her H4 stamping dates and planned to do her F1 stamping after H4 (may be a month later). My queries:


1. Is this a correct case where she can go for F1 visa stamping after H4.

2. As only one visa appointment can be scheduled on a profile (USTravelDocs Profile), can we create another profile for the F1 visa appointment?

3. If suppose her F1 gets rejected, can she come back to US on her newly stamped H4 without any further process? Would her latest rejection on F1 will have any effect on her travel during immigration?

4. As she is going for F1 stamping after 1 year of MS, would there any critical questions during the interview?


Also, kindly let me know if there is any further issues on this scenario which is not known to me.



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Why then wouldn't she continue studying on H4?


This whole denial stuff only comes in play anyway if the university is shady. If the university is a well-known university, preferably a public university, there shouldn't be much problems.

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Hello Joe,


My wife already completed her one year of MS which is almost 24 credits out of 30. By August, she will start her last semester of studies. Also the university is not that much popular and it is of second level on chart. As you know, the fee in H4 is just 50% that of an F1 student. So we proceeded in H4 for most of her MS. The proper way we should have proceeded is that we should have applied for a COS in the first semester of studies itself which didn't happen. Now these odd situations, may raise lot of queries for the VO during stamping. Thats the reason, I'm trying to secure her H4 to return. 


The reason to convert to F1 is have few interns or job opportunities to try. 



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