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Hi everyone. I am sure someone has answered this already but would like to hear it from everyone's experience. Need to know the following:


I was on H1b (Working under GC sponsoring company) and wife(Housewife) on H4 and we recently changed our status to EAD/AP as both of us have pending I485, EB3 India Priority date is May 9, 2006.


  1. If myself (Husband) working under EAD and currently working with GC sponsoring company, can I work another job?
  2. If so, does that job have to be exactly what I am doing with same designation or responsibilities or it can be any job not related to my current designation/responsibilities?
  3. If taking a second part time job, does it have to have the same salary requirement as GC sponsoring job or it can be lower or higher than my current GC sponsoring job?
  4. If taking a second part time job, does it have to be a W2 job, 1099 or freelance?
  5. Since my wife hasn't started working and moved from H4 to EAD/AP based on pending I485, can she keep on renewing EAD/AP even if not working or does she have to work to keep the current EAD/AP?


Please give me honest answers as I confused.


Thank You

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The EAD allows the person to work anywhere.

You would have to make sure that your contract with your employer allows you to work on the side. Usually, employment contracts require written approval from the employer for side jobs.

As for your wife, the EAD allows to work, it doesn't require to work.

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