498a - Passport Impounded when landed in India

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One more victim of false 498a case.


Short Story:


Got married in 2012 and moved to US in 2012. Wife joined me in 2013 and lived with me for 6 months. Mentally tortured me, harrased me demanding all of my salary for her family in India. She left me in 2013 and I had to go to India and brought her back by May 2015. She again tortured, hurt me and we went back to India by May 2015 to get divorce. She and her family demanded 20 million rupees for divorce and threatened to go for false allegations. I did not care much so filed divorce case and left to US.


September 2015 she filed 498a/420 against 8 of my family members including me. Everyone of them got bail except me as I was in US. My lawyer applied for anticipatory bail and with that I came to India by Feb 2016. Least that we expected, there has been a Look out circular on my name in all the airports. So there started the trouble. They arrested me in the airport where I landed and took me to police station. After one whole day in station (not jail or prison), I was produced in court again and got a regular bail but my passport was impounded and travel restrictions. High Court now granted permission to get the passport back from the regional passport office and allows me to travel abroad for work. There is no red corner notice issued.


My question:


What are the chances I will be stopped at the US Port of Entry from entering the country because of the 48a case and the above scenario?

What are the chances that my H1B extension due next year will be impacted by this case ? (I am sure the case will be pending even then as my father in law is a cop and he is trying all his ways to hook me to jail)


Thanks and Regards


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US immigration is well aware that something like 90 percent of 498a cases are false and basically used as harassment tools on the husband and family. You have no need to worry as long as you are not convicted of anything . Even if you need to go get a visa at a US embassy in India , you don't need to worry with a 498a case.

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Brother I am facing a similar situation like you. Can you please share your experiences with me, how you are fight 498a and dv cases. How you got bail for your parents etc. Please its a request, it would be really helpful if you can please share your experiences with me. Can you please contact me at ***********@gmail.com. I am also in USA working on H1B and my wife did exactly just like yours demanding money and abandoning me. Please email me, I promise I will not take a lot of your time.

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India is extremely corrupt with the most corrupt court system, advocates and police. Its best to settle the case and leave india asap. The advocates in india cannot be trusted they take money from both parties, police also does same and even court staff even changes court orders and does corruption so best advise is to settle and run from india asap back to USA. 

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