Graduation Forfeited after 30 credits . Need advice from someone.


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I would like to explain my situation here.

I got approved for OPT from December 19, 2015 and I have the opt card in my hand.

I am Student of SUNY - New Paltz and the department requires us to complete a comprehensive exam which i could not clear. And now my advisor says that there is no way that, i could retake it, in order to graduate.

I have been trying to communicate with the graduate dean and someone higher at the university to appeal on behalf of me but that doesn't work.


The circumstances of this, happens to be canceling my OPT and dematriculation from the school which is going to happen, if i don't react on or before April 13,  2016.


So, My problem here is that, if I transfer to some other university all the credits that I have taken will be at waste and I have my current OPT as Post-Completion OPT.

So, If I take the transfer and complete masters at other university, can i get approved for OPT again as i have not used it.


* I was looking at University Of Cumberlands which would give me CPT, so If i take this option of CPT and start working . how will that effect my H1 application.


Please help me out on this tricky situation.

* I was even looking for a lawyer who can appeal to my advisor on behalf of me to allow me taking exam another time.


So, taking all this into consideration, what will my chances at H1, if I take the CPT option at cumberlands and if i complete the full courses at cumberlands and apply for opt after taking all the courses.


Please advice on my situation..







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For OPT, you have to be enrolled in good standing for the year before applying. SInce you are not in good standing, changing to another university to finish would not change that.


And abuse of CPT what you seem to be trying would kill your future in the US forever. NO real university would give CPT to somebody who just signed up.

Why in the world are people still think this abuise of CPT would work??? Have you not heard of TVU???


You should have concentrated on passing your exams instead of thinking about ways to get around the system.

I suggest you face reality, which is that you won't have a career in the US.

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