PLEASE HELP - Do i have one or two i485 applications?


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 Can someone PLEASE HELP ME> 

Would my old 485 application impact the new 485 one? 

I485 EB3 - Was submitted in May 2007 - in 2010 I left for India for 45 days between jobs (did not renew my AP or EAD card). My h1b was transferred and I came back in. I lost my full time job with company A on 23rd of October 2010, and had h1b transfer application done on the first week of December 2010 (full time). I left the country mid of November 2010, and came back end of December.

I485 EB2 - porting of priority date was done during the I140. 485 was submitted in April 2015. both PD and application date is current. I have always worked on a valid F1 & H1b visa throughout the 17 years I have lived here. 

Question - Both the cases show active, would the abandonment of 45 days in 2010 on the OLD 485 application have any impact on the new I485 application. I have an interview scheduled with the local office.

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The two I-485s are consolidated into one. That can result in delays, since they have to locate and match them.

It is always best to have only one I0485 pending. You can amend the I-485 with the better underlying immigrant petition, I-130 or I-140.

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