!!** Success **!! Visa stamping @ Vancouver on 29th, March 2016


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Time chosen 8.45am.  Was there 45 minutes before interview.  Was asked to wait for 10 min then let inside, very few people.


Documents required @ check-in: Passport, DS-160 confirmation page, original 797, Recent Passport size Photos.


After security check and finger printing was taken to 20th floor where visa interview happens.




Window # 6, sharp looking lady.


ME: GM. How you doin?

VO: <no response> <...was checking my passport>

VO: Why did you go to Jamaica last time for your H1b visa ?

ME: I was accompanying my daughter on Disney cruise.

VO: Whats your educational background ?
ME: Bachelors and Masters in Comp Science from India

VO: What was you focus of study ?

ME: Computer Science


VO: Focus of study ? As in big data etc.. ?

ME: Oh.. C language, DBMS, AI


VO: Whats your annual income ?

ME: <answered LCA amount> + any bonus

VO: How long you have been working for your employer ?
ME: answered

VO: Has your employer applied for your GC ?
ME: Yes

VO: You have an approved I-140 ?
ME: Yes

VO: Your Visa is approved. Will email your approval. < gave me h1b rights brochure, kept my pspt and org 797 >
Me: Thanks, any ETA on passport pickup ?


VO: No, wait for email

ME: Thanks and have a good day.


VO: Thanks and you too.


Interview done with no documents asked. 


Stayed at Days Inn on W Pender St.. 3 min walk from consulate.  Chose 2405 Pine St as PO for passport pickup.


DS-160 status shows admiin processing for now.



Good luck!




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