H1 transfer from India not traveled before - Restampig


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Hi ,

I have valid H1B recently stamped from my current employer and did not traveled till now and now I got a new offer from employer B who are ready to file cap exempt petition on my case and as per them I no need to go for stamping again as I do have valid visa stamped on my passport which is of my current employers name. In this regard can anyone pls clarify my questions below.

1. Can I travel with old visa and new I 797 petition considering not traveled before? I am not sure at POE am I good to go or can face any critical situation. Pls clarify.

2. If I can go with old visa and new petition then what are the extra docs I need carry to present to officer at POE?

I am getting mixed responses on this so just want to get the clarity hence posting over here. Thanks!

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