H1B had RFE, now approaching 2016, what to do

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My H1B is picked in lottery in 2015 and had an RFE,


The current status says ' Response to USCIS Request for Evidence was received' .

I am still waiting since October for reply from USCIS on this.


1. Do I need to apply for new H1B now ?

2. Do you think USCIS delays for few more months or days ?



  USCIS would definitely reply their decision before April 1st week .?  Is there any rule as such to reply before April 1st week. ?


3. Is anybody still waiting for reply from USCIS since October.

4. In case USCIS rejects my petition now, What is the cut off date to apply for fresh H1 this year ?


Am totally confused and demotivated with the way things are going on.


Guys, please suggest.

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Is this H1 from a consulting company?

It is unlikely that a client project would stay open for a year, so if this is from a consulting company,, it is unlikely that the H1 would get approved after such a long time.

And finding a new job takes some time, so with having a lottery again, a new H1 is not going to be ready on time.

Find a real employer, not a shady consulting company, for next year.

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