L1A - L2 Status - Can we stay until I-94 valid date, even if asked by employer to return on a earlier date?


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I currently have a L1A visa and my I-94 valid until 15June 2016.

My wife and kids are on dependent L2 Visa and also have I-94 Valid until 15June 2016.


Due to official reasons, I have been asked by my company to go back to India by end of April 2016 and can't wait until my Visa end date. However, I want my kids to complete their School term which ends by 1st week of June 2016.


Request information / seeking clarification on the below questions -


1. Even if my company wants me to return back end of April 2016, Can I continue to stay just until my Visa/I-94 date (June2016) and have my kids complete their school term and return?


2. If yes, Do I need to inform my current employer (with whom I have my L1), that I will stay until Visa/I-94 end date (June2016), even if I am off their pay-roll?  


3. Does the employer need to inform USICS about my end of employment, thus requesting USICS to cancel my L1 or will they wait for the L1 Visa to lapse automatically in June?.


4. Alternatively, If I have to return say 31st April 2016, but have a valid visa & I-94 until 15th June 2016, Can my wife and kids stay back until the school term ends and then return before the end of Visa?


Thank you all in advance for all your responses and recommendations! :)


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