Query regarding reopening of denied OPT Case


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Hi Friends,


Kindly help on below one.


My school entered recommendation of my OPT on 10/1/15. I had sent my documents immediately to USCIS, however I got my package back after 3 weeks without ever being delivered to USCIS. I thought this may be a mistake by USPS or an unfortunate situation. I contacted university official detailing the situation and asked whether I need to get a new i20 again, to which, she suggested that there is no need to do another i20 and asked me to send the documents again to USCIS. Finally documents were delivered on 11/9/15. On 3/17/16 my case was denied. The reason given was that, my case was received by USCIS 30 days after my i20 recommendation date. I immediately contacted university official based on whose suggestion earlier I had mailed my documents second time and described my situation. She agreed to defend on behalf of me by providing a letter detailing the happened circumstances. She suggested that I can reopen the case, either by myself or I can get a lawyer with whom she can communicate and provide all necessary documents. I would like to know whether I have a strong case to reopen? If so how can I proceed?. I would also like to state that I have 33 days to reopen the case starting from 3/15/16.




Thanks in advance.

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