Can I get my H1B Visa stamped on my previous employer approved Petition ?


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I need your expert advice for the below mentioned query of mine -


a). My H1B visa got expired last year on 30-Sep-15 and was extended.

b). I have the approved extended petition in my hand but my visa is not stamped because I didn't travelled to India after my extension.

c). In Jan-2016 my employer got changed and my amendment processing is in progress.

d). I have to urgently travel to India for my engagement.

e). Can I get my Visa re-stamped on my previous extended petition ?


Please reply back as it is very important for me. Thanks in advance.

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  • 2 weeks later...

By change in employer means .... that I am associated with the same company but my client change. Earlier I was working for some X client which has now being changed to Y client. In this case also I cannot get my Visa stamped on my previous petition. Meanwhile I applied for premium processing but the RFE came. 

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