Valid H4 visa stamping... travel to canada for H1 to H4 conversion without a new stamping


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I am an Indian citizen and entered US on 17 Dec, 2014 on an H4 Visa. On 1 Oct, 2015 I changed to H1B status and have been working since then. 
I now want to convert my status to H4. Since I still have a H4 visa valid until 26 Jan, 2017 stamped in my passport, I am thinking I will travel to Canada for a day in April 2016 to change my status from H1 to H4 without going for stamping again. 


1) Will the CBP officer at POE allow me to change the status to H4?  2) Will they issue me a new I-94?
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You will have to ask them specifically and then they will give you entry based on the H4 visa. TELL them you are not using AVR. Also Canada does need a visa.

How Canada does not need visa? I guess only Green card holders and citizen don't need visa to travel Canada.  

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