Can L1 to H1 application plus H4, PP & EAD sent in single packet


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I am on L1 visa with an approved I-140. My wife is working on L2 EAD. I am eligible to revive my earlier cap-exempt H1.
My question is: Can my employer's attorney file my L1 to H1 COS (form I-129), form I-907 for premium processing, form I-539 for my wife COS to H4 and form I-765 for my wife EAD on H4 (I have approved I-140) all together in the same packet and if approved, all the applications get approved together and there will be no gap in my wife's visa status or ead status.
We just want to know if we follow above route, will there be a gap in my wife's visa or ead status.
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