Can opt EAD candidates work as a freelancer 40hours paid on a weekly basis?


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I am currently on my OPT EAD card and i got a freelancing opportunity to work for a company 40hours a week but the employment is through


Can i work like this while i am on my opt EAD?


Thanks in Advance.

In OPT, you have work in the field directly related to your degree.

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I have a similar question, am on OPT and have my EAD card but am not employed yet. Couple of questions:

1. I understand working on the Internet in the field of your study on any of these freelancing sites at least 20 hrs a week is considered legally employed on OPT. What documents do I need to retain to show this employment since freelancing may not have a direct employer and may be project based ? Is this considered self-employed ?

2. Should I register/ start a company as a sole proprietor and get a business license to do this ?, this way I can show that I am self-employed in the field of my study? I was intending to register a company and source freelance projects in my field of study. Is this advisable ?

Thanks !

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