H1B to H4-EAD


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Dear All ,

   1. I am on my H1b, I Just got my Second extension Valid until March 2018.

   2. My spouse's I-140 just got approved. 


My questions are as follows


1. Am I eligible for H4-EAD ?

2. Even if I am eligible and apply for H4 and EAD simultaneously, Can I continue to work without any gap in my employment ? What I mean to ask here is, Being on H1B visa, I am allowed to work. When I apply for H4 and EAD, The H4 doesn't authorise me to work until my EAD gets approved. If in case the H4 gets approved first and the EAD Latter,  It's obvious I won't be able to work till my h4 gets approved . Should I have to take a break from my existing job and wait till my EAD gets approved ? PLs assist ,

3. I was told, the latest I-539 form has a start date, Where we can mention when the H4 should kick in even if it is approved ? Can we tentatively /roughly future date till the EAD gets approved ?

4. If in case, if I  wish to go back to H1B in the future, Will I be able to use the left out 2 and half years of quota in my H1B?


Warm Regards,


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  • 4 months later...

Thanks a lot Rohang!! I think i am left only with the option of exploring the h4 kick in date . If you get any information with regards to that, I kindly request you to share it with me here . Thanks again !! 




How did this go? Where you able to time H4 and H4 EAD to minimize the employment gap ?

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