H1-B Visa approved in Vancouver on 21 March


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Thanks to everyone out here for posting their experiences, it was really helpful to plan my trip to Vancouver. I drive from Seattle to Vancouver. Entry into Canada was pretty straightforward, I mentioned the reason for entry as tourism, wasn't asked any questions about the the current H1-B stamp on my passport expired.


I had my appointment today at 10 am. I reached very early at 9 am and was asked to come back at 9:55, so I went to the starbucks in the same building and waited till it was 9:55. The line was pretty long and it seemed like a busy day for them. I went through the check in process. A lot of people had forgotten to bring their passport size photos, but there was a printing center across the street, so it was not a big issue.


After checking, I went in the security line. Once entered, I went through initial validation process where they checked my I-797 and passport and took fingerprints. Then I was taken to 20th floor, it took about 5-10 minutes wait for my turn to come. The VO asked me basic questions like is this a visa renewal (yes it was) and what does my employer do and what's my position there. She typed for about 2 minutes and then told me that my visa is approved and gave me a sheet with instructions for passport pick up. She kept my passport and original I-797. I am here in Vancouver for this week so hoping that should be enough time to get my passport back with the stamp.

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I appeared for my H1b on March18th, and was told by the VO that petition is approved and will get back my passports within 3-5 days. However, on Monday, I received an email stating about Administrative Processing. Its been 4 business days so far and the status hasn't been updated since then. Did you get an email too?

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