Regarding Green Card processing Documentation

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Currently I am working with X employer and applying for Green card through attorney.

I worked for Y employer (in India and US).


In India : I worked from 31 October 2012 to 19th October 2014.

In US : I worked from 20 October 2014 to 15th January 2016.


I entered (I 94 entry shows) US on 17th October 2014 but my India experience letter (Roles and Responsibilities letter) shows till 19th October 2014. (I worked for same company, I reported in US at client location on 20th October 2014)


Question is: My attorney is raising question saying that you entered in US on 17th October 2014 but your India experience shows till 19th October 2014 it’s kind of giving wrong information to USCIS and there is a chance to get RFE.


But I have received salary in India till October 19th even though I entered in US on 17th October.


Please let me know will it cause any problem?

Thanks in advance.

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