F1 to H1 Change of Status Stamping


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1. Doing a 1st masters degree in US came to US in Sep 2014. 

2. Worked on CPT part time for some time and working in fulltime CPT from june 2015 till now

3. Changed my college in Jan 9th 2015 and Transfered back to the same college(Harrisburg) on Jan 20th 2015. 

4. Applied for H1B in April 2015 and i went to India and before i came back my H1 got picked.

5. Change to premium on Dec 2015 (cos of taking long time) and RFE came asking for client letter then my H1B got Approved but Change of status request is pending.

6. Currently working on Full time CPT. Will graduate in AUG 2016.


I am planning to go for stamping in June 2016 

Can i go for stamping with my family in India? if the change of status gets rejected can i still come back as F1 to finish my course? since my course will complete only by the end of August or sep 1st week.

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