Withdrawing of Approved I-140


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Hello All,


I need your suggestion Please.


Well I am with Company A for more than 4 years. But my compnay-A is a vendor based company. Its killing me, my personal life and i was not able to sustain but because of VIsa issues, I am still continuing my job here.


My 6 years of H1B already completed and I am in 3 years of extension. My I-140 approved and priority date is in 2012 November. I  approached to another employer, He said that he can port my I-140 Priority date as long as its active.


But, My employer made me to sign an agreement that, If i quit, He will be withdrawing my i-140 which eventually i will be loosing my Priority date as well(After consulting attorney, came to know that if employer withdraws i-140 before porting, Priority date will be cancelled and have to apply a new one with new priority date). 


I cant waste my 4 years of pain switching now for new job and loosing my priority date.


Appreciate if some one can help me to turn this around legally so that i dont loose my priority date.

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