H1B ammendment RFE after the client change


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I moved from client A to client B back in June 2015 and my employer filed amendment in Jun 2015 for the H1B which was valid until Mar 20th 2016. But In Jan 2016 while working with client B my H1 B extension was filed in premium and got approval till Mar 2019. In Feb 2016 I was rolled off and joined client C. My amendment for client C was filed and have a receipt for the application that is pending. on Mar 4th 2016 I got an RFE asking for client letter on the amendment that was filed in June 2015. 


Can somebody help me on how this can be responded? My employer is telling me that the receipt for the new amendment should be sufficient to prove the client was changed and USCIS was noitfied of that changed. Any inputs would be helpful.

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