H4 EAD Renew while H4 extension pending


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I applied for H1B and H4 extension in Dec 2015. This application is still pending with USCIS. My spouse H4 and her EAD is expiring in March 2016. When I applied for H4 extension, i never applied for EAD renewal. Can I apply for EAD renewal now even though the H4 extension is pending or Should I wait for H4 approval and then apply for EAD renewal. 

What if i apply EAD renewal now with a letter to USCIS that H4 extension is pending, Please approve EAD renewal along with H4 extension approval? Will they consider it? Will they put it in "Hold Status" and approve it only after H4 extension? Or will they reject it saying apply only after H4 approval? 

Please suggest the best option that can avoid delays.
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