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This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding naturalization.         


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My timeline related to traffic violations:

(1) May 2010: Two red light automated camera tickets. I paid $60 fine for each.
(2) October 2010: became permanent resident (EB2, employer sponsored).
(3) April 2011: One red light automated camera ticket. I paid $60 fine.
(4) October 2011: Speeding ticket for going 57 mph on part of an interstate that had 35 speed limit. I paid $167 fine. I attended 4 hours of online traffic school to avoid points on my drivers license.
(5) No traffic incidents after October 15, 2011.
(a) When should I apply for naturalization? Should I wait for 5 years from October 2011, and file form N-400 in November 2016?
(b) Question 23 on form N-400 regarding arrest, citation or detained by law enforcement officer: Is this the place where I say "YES" due to the speeding ticket?
© Is a red light automatic camera ticket considered a citation by a law enforcement officer? No law enforcement officer was involved in it.
(d) What impact can these traffic violations have on the naturalization application - if they occurred within 5 years or over 5 years of application?
Thank you.
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