H4 to H1B or Wait for H4 EAD, Urgent!!


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Hello - 


Looking for a suggestion in regards to my Wife applying for a H1B or waiting for my PERM and I140 Approval for H4 EAD.


My Employer has applied for PERM last year in Oct, 2015. Upon tracking the perm processing times, currently Sep 2015 is being processed. I am guessing by next month(April) or so, i will get to hear about my PERM and i am planning to apply for I 140 ASAP if everything goes well and my PERM gets approved.


On the other hand, we are thinking of a back up plan of applying for H1B this year. My wife didn't go for Masters in States, she has her Bachelors from Back home. We are very well aware of the fact that it is going to be lottery this year as well but luckily if her application gets picked, she gets to work from Oct 2016.


We are not sure if we really should go a head and apply for H1B, knowing i will get to know about my PERM result soon and provided everything goes well with my PERM and I 140, she can probably start working before October 2016,  


Would highly appreciate if you could give your two cents on this.



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