Do I need to be a manager to get H1B (when I hold a 3 year Bachelors)?


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I work for one of the big 4 accounting firms. I came to the US in Feb 2012 on L1B visa. I had worked for the India practice for 2.5 years before moving to the US. My title at the time of transfer was Senior Consultant and it remains the same now. I have in total 6 years and 4 months of experience. US experience would be 3 years 11 months. I have a B.Com degree and my company lawyers claim that I don't meet the requirements for H1B cap. They say my experience as a Senior Consultant does not count as long as my title remains the same. Only if I move to the next level (Manager), will they be able to use my work experience towards lack of 4 year Bachelors. Is that accurate? Am I really not eligible for H1B with close to 6.5 years of experience in total? Please advise.


Thank you.

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