I 485 Visa number allocation


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So far I have never been able to understand how visa numbers are allocated and the I485 pending inventory by USCIS.


Could anyone clearly help me understand the visa number allocation calculations? My understanding is even with max spill over the EB category for each country can never exceed 9800 in a fiscal year as shown below.


Family Based=226,000

Employment Based= 140,000

Per Country Cap= 25,620 (7% of sum (226,000+140,000)

Per Country family= 15820

Per country employment= 9800


Is my understanding correct. My PD is April 2010 and I see that between now and Aprl2010, there are about 16,500 pending I485 application. Then even with best case scenario with maximum spill overs to EB2 , it will take at least two to three years from today to clear April 2010. Please share your thoughts.



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