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My priority Date in March 2010. I got my EAD in May 2012. I was single at that time. I got married this year.
I am currently on H1B and my wife on H4 and it valid till November 2017.
 I haven't used my EAD till now. I have to do an adjustment of status for my wife when the dates becomes current.  I have one question
If I apply H4 ead for my wife now Is it going to affect in any way as i have to apply GC- EAD for her later (whenever the date becomes current)? Is applying H4 EAD going to create any problem while applying GC- EAD for her? I read somewhere that you should not apply for another EAD if your EAD is active. In this case can I apply GC-EAD when her H4 ead is active.
What are my options?
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