Consular Notification vs COS?


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Appreciate your thoughts


I am currently on L1B Visa valid until Jul'2015. My employer is going to file extension sometime in April'2015 and is not filed yet.
My current employer is also filing H1B application under cap on 1/Apr/2015 and employer's Attorney firm said my H1B application should go as "Consular notification" rather than Change of Status. I have couple of questions.
1) Is visa approval be impacted by "Consular Notification" vs COS? Is one favorable over other?
2) For my current situation, Is it not possible to get my H1B application submitted under COS?
3) If it has to be as "Consular Notification" for now, Would it be possible for me get it converted to COS after my L1B get extended?
4) Is there a downside for attending a visa interview at Consulate? As I am reading through web posts, people are apprehensive about visa getting denied.


Thanks in advance

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1. No

2. No, because your current L1 ends in July 2016?

3. If The H1 petition is approved, they can file another petition for you with COS from L1. That is in theory. Why would they pay twice? for the H1. Just get the H1 visa as appropriate and return.

4. Most petitions are given the visa. There is some fraud and so if your documentation and facts are kosher, that is not a problem.

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