H1b Visa Stamp - Canada - TAL- Mantis Check, Mandatory AP


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I am stating below my experience i had at the Ottawa consulate in Canada.

I went for a H1 renewal visa.



My interview happened in December


I went to the Ottawa consulate and the Interview was with a Lady.

She asked me  about my Client and work I do for the employer.

During my Visa Interview she asked me about questions related to my Master which i completed very long back.

Then she asked more detailed questions about the projects i did in my Masters. 

and next asked even more details about the project details .

I was really wondering at this point why I am asked about Masters projects which was 10 yrs back and frankly i dont remember all the 




I told her what I could remember.

Then the questions were about My work at current employer and at the end she told me thank you.


I didnt understand what just happened as I was tensed and asked if the visa is issued.

She said I will get my passport in 3 days or so.

I was relieved and went back to hotel.


After 2 days I got an email asking for resume. I was very scared on what was happening.

I submitted my resume and was not understanding what was going on.


After 5 days I sent them an email asking for the status of the case and I got a reply that my case was going for a "legally mandated 



At this point I was really stressed as I had to cancel all my flights and extend my hotel.

Then after asking my Laywer I understood my case was gone for a Mantis check.


This is a background check and teh reason for this is because I did my Masters in US.

I really dont still understand why I am subjected to a background check. My masters was very long back .


Anyway now the only info i had is that this check could take 2 months or more.

So I just had to wait and nothing to do.


After about 21 calendar days i got notification that they received clearance.

and about 4 business days later i saw the update on CEAC website.


This was a big relief and now I returned to US.


Overall it was an extremely stressful experience and my only suggestion would be to get to home country for Visa.


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