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Dear Team,
Currently I'm on H1 and earlier I was on L1 and then converted to H1, Moved out of country on 2 occasions for more than 365 days. some permutation and combinations

I'm not sure what my maxout date is? according to some, Since I stayed outside for 365+ days during 2009, my max out counter starts from Apr-10.

Entry # - Entry Date - Exit Date - Days outside US - Visa Type 
1st Entry - Dec-07  - Mar-09  - 376  - L-1B
2rd Entry - Dec-11 - Aug-13 - 625 - H-1B
3th Entry - May-15 - Still in US -  NA -  H-1B Non subject to Cap

I'm not sure whether my max out is 2016 or 2018. Can anyone please help me understand this?


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