B-2 while waiting for F4


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I sponsored my brother for family-based immigration visa (F4) in 2007.  Currently the cut-off priority date is still just July 2003.


Last year he applied for B-2 visa through some travel agency to visit Guam.  His application was denied during interview once the consulate officer discovered the pending F4 application.  It was unclear whether he indicated there was a pending F4 when the travel agency filled in the B-2 visa application on his behalf.


He asks me if it is possible to obtain B-2 visa while his F4 is still pending, so he (and my nephew) can visit the States.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your help, rohang and JoeF.


My brother also asked me if my nephew can come to US to study, perhaps in a private high school, in a couple of years, while the immigration visa is still pending.


Do you think the pending F4 will negatively affect my nephew's (I presume) F1 application?


Thanks again.

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