Cap Excempt H1b filling Question


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i read somewhere today that there is a 6 years limit, ie after 2017 i  will not be cap exempt is that true? Even if i have t used all my 6 years.

6 yrs limit is counted by the no.of days you worked on H1 in US. Once you reach your 6yrs of H1, then you have to wait OUTSIDE the US for one yr and file new H1 under the cap exempt at that time.

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I have a query. My first H1B petition was filed 2010. I traveled USA 2010 November. My petition was extended in Aug 2013. I came back India in 2014 Feb. I have unused 2yrs 8 months. 


Can it be filed under cap except? Is there any time bound that I have file before Aug 2016 as the original petition was filed 2010? Any 6 years limit from the original petition?

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