H4 expired then filed extension. !80 days getting over.


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H4 extension applied after I94 expired(with nunc pro tunc). Now 180 days are reaching, but no progress on case. Husband has valid 797 till 2018 and kid has new stamping as well. 

1. If we don't go back to India before 180 days, what could be chances of success provided just 20 days left for 180 days line. 
2. If H1B holder also goes with me for stamping, would it help? 
3. Is there any risk for H1B holder stamping due to my case? 
4. Shall we carry some special evidence/paper for help in stamping? 
5. Stay here vs go back for stamping. Advice please... 

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What exactly is your situation. Do you have a H4 visa? When did your H4 I94 expire? Why was an extension not filed?

I94 expired on Sept30. Applied extension on 7Dec and got receipt. We were not aware of the process.

Now 180 days are ending in March(since I94 expired)

We are thinking about going back to india to get new stamping insyead of risking 180 days while waiting for extension results.

Don't know what is best.

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