H1B transfer from Project Manager to technical role without entering USA


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Presently I am working as an IT PM in my home country. A new employer X is ready to file H1b cap-subject  (lottery) for this year. Employer X  is filing my H1B for job position "ITPM". In case, my application is selected in lottery and after approval, I transfer my H1B to employer Y in technical role without traveling to USA at leat once with employer X H1B, will there be any issue as I would be holding h1b as PM from employer X whereas employer Y would file new h1b (cap exempt) as technical role?

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You can transfer your H1 anytime even if you have not worked for the initial employer. I think the only care should be taken is that transfer should not be done before Oct 1 (the year when you got the H1B). I do not think changing role matters.


I have transferred by H1 to new employer without working for the initial sponsor and got it stamped as well.

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I appreciate your replies. I am more concerned about changing the role. Particularly from manager to technical role. Would there be any RFE from USCIS during visa transfer as candidate's profile was IT PM and now you are applying for the technical role (developer or architect). Can visa transfer be denied due to this reason as this is a major role change?   

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