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I came to US in March 2014 with visa stamped on passport from the subsidiary company A  in india having parent company B in US.


In July 14 , I got transfer to my parent company B and got I-797 showing the revised date.


So current situation is like this.


Subsidiary Company A passport shows - Visa expiry 3 sept. 2016


Parent company B- I-797- Exp. date  20 April 2017. 


Now, I am planning for India travel with my family on  5 June 2016 and will be back on 15th july 2016.

Do I have to get the visa stamped for my parent company B in India so that my passport would also have a visa stamp(company B) with an expiry date of 20 April 2017?

Also, is same applicable for my family on H4 travelling with me.



if yes , after extension next year , do i need to stamp it again.

Please provide me the valuable suggestion.





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