Re-entering US from Mexico on H1-B Visa stamp from previous employer and new I-797A (with no I94) since i was laid off in Dec 2015?

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I recently changed employer due to layoff from A to B. I have got my
new approved I-797A from employer B but with no I94. I have not
traveled outside US since being laid off in Dec 2015, I changed
employer in Jan 2016 and filled my H1B visa transfer in Feb 2016. My
employer asked me to travel to Mexico and come back so my new H1B visa
gets activated and i get new I94.

My current H1B Visa stamp on my passport is from employer A with
expiry date of Sept 2017. My new I-797A from employer B has expiry
date of Jan 2018 with no I94.

Now i am traveling to Mexico and re-enter (with my valid H1B visa
stamp from A + new I797A from B), I am only traveling out to get my
new H1B visa activated and get new I94, will i have any issues by
immigration officer at port of entry and will he give my new I94 as
per new I797 (Jan 2018)?

I was searching for Job after being laid off and filed transfer ASAP
(i am on severance till today). I am nervous if immigration officer
will have any issue since i was not employed for short period of time
and hence i don't have a new I94 on my new I797A?

(I will only be traveling for few days so won't have time to get a
fresh H1-B visa stamp from the US consulate abroad)

Best Regards,

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