H1B extension validity on revoked I-140


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Hi there,


My I-140 will be approved soon with Employer A and I am planning to get 3 years extension on H1B visa on approved I-140 from Employer A then I am planning to change the job to Employer B. As soon as I will change job to Employer B, Employer A is going to revoke the I-140. Do I still able to use 3 years extended H1B visa based on approved I-140 from Employer A.


Any response is highly appreciated.



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Funny post, everything is future tense... :) 


I140                  - Not yet approved

H1B                  - Not Yet applied 

I140 revoke      - Not sure if the employer will revoke it or not...

H1B 6 Years     - Not sure if you have completed 6 years on your H1B.


Friend - people cannot look into this until unless you share them proper information..


Note:  You are eligible to get N number of 3 years of h1b extension based on approved I140 (If not revoked).

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