H4 EAD and H1(Interesting Situation)


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Hello Experts,

Here is my Situation...

- I had applied for my H4 COS in the Month of September 2015.

- By the time my H4 is pending, i landed into another Job and i did COS from H4 to H1 with H4 receipt number (Premium Processing)

- Normally approval for H4 takes 6 months, So my COS from H4 to H1 got an RFE and by the time my employer responded i was out of job due to budget issues from the Client.

- My H4 got approved in month of FEB 2016 (After 5 months) and my H1 is pending with USCIS (RFE)----They just need minimal doc to approve which says to show my Approved H4.




1) I applied for H4 EAD a week back.....if i get a job in 2 or 3 weeks my employer would  respond to RFE and i will get my H1....What happens to my EAD?


2) Once if my H1 is approved does i have an option to get my EAD approved too?


Please let me know...



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