Multiple H1B with Same client but different employers


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Hello All,

This is Sravan .
I do have a question on H1B filing. Currently i am in my 17 month opt extension(F1 status). I am an contractor working for xyz company at client(ABC) Location. My current employer is going to file H1B application for me referring to client as ABC as i work at my client location, on the other hand My client(ABC) is willing to file an H1B application too. So if both applications got picked up, would it be a problem for me? Any chances of RFE's once they got picked up?
Thanks in advance.
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Did you not read my answer?

USCIS considers such filings not allowed.


"The USCIS is suspicious of cases in which filings for the same person share key details. Suspicions are that, although such petitioning companies have different federal employer identification numbers (FEINs), they are acting in concert in a way that indicates the companies are related. Commonly identified factors typically include end-clients with the same identity, and location and job descriptions that are identical or virtually identical."

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