J1 Waiver: Required to start employment in 90days?


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I just received my I-797C Notice of Action (approval notice for I-612 application to waive foreign residence requirements). 

This notice came with a 2-page attachment requiring me to start working with my new employer "within 90 days of the date of this notice" pursuant to section 214(l) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

I am still in fellowship, finishing end of June. I also have not applied for my H1B yet, but that will be next. 

Does this 90-day requirement really start on the issuance of the approval notice for the waiver (I-797C), or does it start after my H1B application has been filed and approved? 

My lawyers told us to file the J-1 waiver application as early as possible, because the processing times are so varied, but can I really be out of luck now for having USCIS approve it so early??


Will the J-1 Approval or H-1B approval be cancelled if I don't start until July??

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