H1 B- DS 160 question

aron kumar

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Hi all,


I gave my finger prints couple days back, they took my finger prints, Picture and said my name has spaces in passport and there are no spaces in DS 160 (basically they said it should exactly match same as in passport), they accepted the DS 160 at the time of Finger prints and they asked me to fill another DS 160 and take both old and new DS 160's to VISA Interview. 


Did anyone had the same problem? is that ok if i take 2 different DS 160's? any possible questions interviewer might ask on DS160?




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It is perfectly fine to take 2 different DS160's since your mistake was inadvertant (hopefully!). Once a DS160 is submitted, it cannot be amended that is why you have been told to take a new one. See this link from Murthy.com



As for questions on DS160....that is totally upto Visa Officer and completely unpredictable.

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