NOIR on original petition... Plz helpppp.....


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H1 cap approved 05/2014 thru company A... Authorized to work starting 10/2014.
Working since 10/2014 till date with same client at same location. As soon as i started working company A filed new LCA to match my client and location details.
In 08/2015 Company B acquired a big group of employees from company A. And company B filed an amendment to change employer in my H1 petition. This amendment is still in 'application received' status.
In 02/2016, uscis issued NOIR on my original H1 petition that was approved 05/2014. Now I have lost touch with company A and cant reach them, neither is company B able to contact them. We only now about NOIR because i checked amendment status online and happened to check the original petition #.

My questions:
1. Since company A cant be reached, can company B do anything to respond to Noir?
2. What happens to amendment if original H1 is revoked before amendment is picked up for processing?
3. Can i continue to work until uscis picks up and gives me a decision on amendment, even if my original h1 is revoked?
4. Can i transfer my H1 to a new employer? 

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