H1B trans from A to B with RFE responded. How to handle employer C?


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Hello all,

Could anyone please help me with the couple of questions below?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I got fired from company A on Dec 15, 2015. I immediately found a company B and they filed my H1-B transfer from company A and I got my USCIS receipt notice on Jan 11, 2016. I’m receiving pay checks from company B as on this Jan 11, 2016. This H1-B transfer from A to B received a RFE and employer B responded within the deadline. So as of now, the H1-B is ‘on transfer’ from A to B with RFE being responded and no approval notice yet.

Now I got a better opportunity, company C.


Here are my questions,

  1. Should I wait until the transfer petition is approved to company B and then initiate a new transfer from B to C?
  2. An attorney suggested that I could initiate a H1B transfer application to C referencing the receipt numbers of A and B? (Note: H1-B transfer from A to B with RFE being responded and no approval notice yet. Company A had sent a revocation notice and its approved)



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Closing the thread as my problem is solved.

I could go with (1) if I had enough time.

I'd have went with (2) if my employer B delayed responding to RFE and employer C could not wait anymore.


Luckily B responded to the RFE and it got approved and now I initiated a new transfer to C.


I wish everyone the best.

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