H1b approved petitions from multiple years and CAP exemption this year(Apr16)??


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My case...


In Apr'2011, Employer#A filed H1b petition and it was approved also. Due to job market was not good did NOT go to next level ( Interview/stamping).

I have scan of I-797 receipt.



In Apr'2014, Employer#B filed H1b petition and it was also approved.  But I dont have any proof. Did NOT go for stamping/interview



Now, this Apr'16..I would like to file H1b petition....


My question is


1) Can I get CAP EXEMPTION by showing 2011 approved petition?


2) If can not get exemption, will there be any challenges/issues if a new petition is filed....and any do I need to mention any where about my previous filings?


Pls advise.


Many Thanks in advance.!!!

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