H1b layoff - transfer h1b options..urgent please

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I have been laid off from my company. My current h1b is valid until next month and extension was also filed. I am not sure if they are going revoke/cancel my h1b before my h1 expiry. At this point of time: 


How much time do I have to file a h1 transfer with another employer. is it OK if any other employer files h1 transfer even after my current employer revokes my h1b.



Appreciate your help in advance.



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Thanks for the reply Rahul.I have one more question here.

I have approved h1 from another employer previously. When I contacted him, he told me that they can file h1 amendment in premium processing and I can only work if it gets approved.

Is this true? Will it be a good option for me?

Thanks in advance .

No, you need a new H1 from that employer not just amendment. Yes you cannot work until its approved.

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