F-1 to H1B , which is best process COS or Consular process


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I came to US on valid B1 visa and converted to F1 Student(COS). Now my graduation date is on April 2016 and planning to apply H1b even though I am eligible for OPT.

  1. Which is best option for apply H1b through COS or counselor process(CP)?
  2. If my H1b approved by COS/CP ? can I still be on Student status and work on OPT(1 yr) + STEM extension (I know STEM ext. approval is in pending decision, but I want to utilize my OPT)
  3. If H1b approved by CP , can I eligible to work immediately? Or do I need to go my home country for stamping?
  4. If employer agrees is it possible to apply GC , while Ia am on OPT?

Thanks in advance.

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